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After six years of grad school, there are a few things I've picked up from personal experience and a whole lot of time talking with other female grad students (AKA procrastinating). I've always wished there had been some kind of handbook about how to handle the whole world of graduate school, so I figured I'd start a friendly place to discuss what it's like to be female in grad school, and maybe pass on some wisdom too!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free Kaplan Books

So, I swear I had a really informative post all ready to write. And then I got busy, so I had a funny post I was going to do instead, but Blogger refused to cooperate. Now, I'm stuck. Bah! Anyhow, for those of you out there looking for a book to study for a Big Test in your near future, and you have an eReader of some kind (or, a computer), check this out! I seriously downloaded a bunch of cool books for free, and all of Kaplan's study guides are free until January 10th. They have other interesting books, too, which I found some good titles amongst. Pretty sweet deal, really! Go forth and study!

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