Been there, done that.

After six years of grad school, there are a few things I've picked up from personal experience and a whole lot of time talking with other female grad students (AKA procrastinating). I've always wished there had been some kind of handbook about how to handle the whole world of graduate school, so I figured I'd start a friendly place to discuss what it's like to be female in grad school, and maybe pass on some wisdom too!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Okay, it's President's Day. Yay! Right? Um, yeah, because I'm in grad school, this basically means I get the day to catch up on my insane to-do list. And maybe even a little sleep, if I'm lucky. This lovely little fact brought to you today by your local disgruntled grad student (who just spend several lovely hours grading, instead of being in Frisco looking at Olmec heads, which may still be work related, but would be much more interesting that eternally attempting to write out the difference between 'q' and 'q^2'.) Holidays, are in fact, for wusses. Or the gainfully employed. Either way, I look forward to the day when a school closure doesn't mean I just have to use extra keys to get into my building.

I so wish I were sitting near this umbrella today. Actually, I wish I were here every day!

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